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Friday, 10 April 2015

How do we go Waste Free?

"In Nature There is no Waste." 
Everything has somewhere to go. When salmon spawn and die, they are dragged up unto the shores by bears, eagles, wolves and other animals and become food. The waste from these animals goes back into the earth to help plants grow. When plants die and even while they are still alive sometimes, microorganisms and fungi eat away at them for their own survival. All of the things that live in nature find uses for all of the other things in nature in a wildly chaotic yet simple, practical way and so there is no waste.
The only being that creates waste in nature is "us", and nature does not understand how to deal with our waste. So it just piles up, and up and up and sometimes down, down, and down into the ground where we cover it up in landfills. The trouble is, this is not a solution.  The waste is still not natural and is not healthy for nature to deal with.
So, the question is how do we go Waste Free? Do we just stop buying things? Do we stop using things? Well, not likely, but we can look at everything we use and decide if we want to be part of the problem or the solution.
The 3r's ( reduce, reuse, recycle), coupled with a good organics diversion program can go a long way toward going "waste free". After you remove all the recyclable items from your garbage, and then you remove all of your compostable items, you may find you don't need a large garbage can anymore because you hardly create any garbage- then you are getting somewhere towards going " waste free".
Earth Day will be celebrated on April 22nd. That would be a great day to start making an effort to try to work towards going "waste free"; because the more landfills we have to build, the less room there will be for bears and plants, fungi, trees and eagles and other beings  to help keep nature "waste free" by doing their jobs.
If you have questions about how to start going "waste free" send me an email, and I would love to help.
Next week we will be starting school Earth Day Campaigns so check back to see what your school can do.

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