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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Learning about Zero Waste from Lillooet to Squamish

 Good news! Over 200 students from Lillooet to Squamish took part in Waste Reduction Workshops in November.
We talked about subjects from which recycle bin the pop bottle goes in, to how compost is made and why it is not cool for Daddy to throw his old barbecue in the forest.
Even children as young as five are learning to put recyclables in the right spots. Great job everyone.
At Myrtle Philip school in Whistler, with the help of the PAC and the great work of custodial staff, teachers and students, there is a whole new recycling system which is working very well. There are 5 different bins in each class that everyone is now getting used to. This will help reduce the waste stream to next to nothing from Myrtle Philip elementary. This shows how with a little money and effort, we can make big gains in waste reduction.Three cheers for Myrtle Philip Community School!!
A special thanks to Mr. Reimer's class for letting us put your picture in our blog and for showing us how all your new bins work.

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