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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Zero Waste Reviews from students in the Region

Here are some Zero Waste and Garbage Free Lunch Reviews from Mr. Smith's class at Myrtle Philip Elementary School in Whistler (they were one of the winning classes of the Regional Garbage Free Lunch Contest):

I loved the zero waste program. I thought it was really fun! I learned a lot of things like..... How much  plastic there is and how it can affect the world or even the universe! I thought the zero waste program was a lot of fun!
By:Jaden Grade 5.

I thought it was a lot of fun and the pizza lunch was cool!!!!!!
by:Jazzy Grade 5.

I thought the zero waste program was a excellent idea.It was really fun to learn about how much plastic packaging is in the world and we can use thermoses instead of plastic. make a change in the world.Go zero waste program.          
By:Kaiya Grade 4

I liked zero waste cause I had a lot of fun and last year to I'm exited for next years zero waste. 
By: Fea Grade 5

I enjoyed zero waste because it helps our environment. I tried my best to help and hope it helped!!
By:Summer Grade 4

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