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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

An Act Of Green for Earth Day and Pitch-In Week

Earth Day is a great time to celebrate the place we live in and take time to think of ways to take care of our environment.  Earth Day is celebrated worldwide and happens on April 22, 2013.  Pitch-In Week runs from April 21-27, and encourages everyone to "do an Act of Green" and help out to clean up litter and recyclables around the community. The SLRD Zero Waste Program is promoting these events in schools in the region and supporting them with practical and reusable prizes.

Two Squamish classes have already signed up for a Garbage Free Lunch Challenge during Earth Day and Pitch-In Week this month.  Ms. Sollid's Grade 3/4 class from Valleycliffe Elementary School and Ms. Farstad's Grade 5/6 class from Squamish Elementary School participated in a  Zero Waste workshop last week and have pledged to go garbage free for at least one lunch this month.  Both classes have some great ideas about ways to reduce the amount of garbage they produce.  We will follow them and see how they do putting these ideas into action in the next few weeks.  In fact Ms. Sollid's class was so keen to reduce their lunchtime waste that they have already started to track and measure the amount of waste they produce every day.  They call it Garbology 101!

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