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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Garbarge Free Lunch Winners

Ms. Kubin's class, from Stawamus Elementary School in Squamish, was one of two winners of the Regional Garbage Free Lunch Challenge.  The students won a free pizza lunch and were challenged to ensure it was a garbage free experience. Here are details and tips from their lunch:
Ms. Kubin: "The lunch was fantastic, the kids really enjoyed it and it was nice to celebrate going garbage free! 

A couple of things we did to make this a Zero Waste Lunch:

1.  We brought cloth napkins from home.  
2.  We decided to not use any plates at all (rather than bring some from home).  We thought it would be zero waste and less work!
3.  We did have some apple juice with our lunch and we brought cups from home  and then the kids washed them.
4.  We also put our pizza boxes in the school recycling bin

The kids loved it so much and it got them excited to continue using as little waste as possible for their lunches."

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