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Monday, 2 March 2015

Signal Hill Elementary Cares about Waste!

Wow! Signal Hill Elementary in Pemberton really cares about reducing its waste. Over 100 students there have already started to learn about cool new places to put their trash instead of the garbage. With new composting bins in place at the Pemberton recycle depot it is getting easier every day to reduce our waste. Seven classes at Signal Hill are now watching food biodegrade in a bucket in their classroom so they can get an idea of what happens to their food when we put it in a compost bin instead of the garbage. We are hoping everyone gets excited about composting from this project. Way to go Signal Hill Students!
According to the SLRD composting feasibility study we know that at least 50% of all the waste that goes in the garbage can be composted in out local facilities so let's do it. Let's keep our food out of the landfill and turn it in to dirt.
For more information about where your family or classroom can get a kitchen catcher to take food to the recycle depot, contact

This week Myrtle Philip in Whistler will start learning about waste reduction as workshops start there on Friday. Lets get every student in the SLRD involved in this important way to help the environment!

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