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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Garbage Free Lunch Results are in for Ecole Squamish Elementary

Congratulations to Mme Farstad and Mme Verbeek's Grade 5/6 classes at Ecole Squamish Elementary for completing the SLRD Regional Garbage Free Lunch Challenge.  Both classes saw a reduction in their garbage produced from their lunchtime waste. Keep up the great efforts!  As these students all know, a lot of our lunchtime waste comes in the form of packaging, sometimes packaging that is not even recyclable. 

Check out these two photos, above and below, to see the difference in the amount of garbage produced from one student.  You can still eat delicious food and have a better impact on our environment if you choose to use your own reusable containers from home filled with homemade food.  Homemade food is often better for your health too.

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