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Friday, 14 February 2014

Learning about Zero Waste on Valentine's Day

Grade 5 and Grade 6 students at Ecole Squamish Elementary School celebrated Valentine's Day today with a few Zero Waste themes in mind.  They made home made granola bars for their Valentine's Day snacks and had fruit skewers as well.  The great thing about both of these treats are that they are homemade, healthy and Zero Waste.  No need to worry about tonnes of packaging going to the landfill when you make homemade snacks and it is so nice to know what you are eating, what it is made from and that it is good for you.  Zero Waste Food options are good for the environment and often better for you too! 
Students also received a Zero Waste Education Workshop in the afternoon to talk about ways to reduce the amount of waste we all produce and to think about options we have and choices we can make when it comes to food.  Students all agreed to participate in a Garbage Free Lunch Challenge, where they will examine their lunch time waste and see if there are some areas that they can cut this waste down to reduce the amount of garbage that goes to our local landfill.  We look forward to hearing about their results as they will try their best to go garbage free at lunch.  Since packaging is such a huge part of our waste stream, students agreed that it is easy to use reusable containers and water bottles to make less waste.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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