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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Going for Zero Waste at Valleycliffe Elementary School

Ms. Sollid’s Grade 3/4 class participated in a Zero Waste presentation last week.  This class is well on their way to being Zero Waste champions and have been busy at work in their classroom.  They were very proud of their small garbage container they had in their classroom (which was the size of about two yogurt containers), that they only empty about once every two days.  They explained many of their other ideas on how they reduce the amount of garbage they produce in their classroom with their “upcycle” projects.  This is where they turn their garbage into something else useful.

New ideas about what to do with soda cans were discussed and some of the students were so impressed with the idea of turning pop can tabs into earrings that they want to try it.  Keep on the look out for some new jewellery that the students might be wearing! They have decided to take the Zero Waste lunch challenge one step further by continuing their progress all year long and see how well they can do.

Keep up the great work!

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