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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cool Vids from Cool Kids

Merry Christmas SD48 and SD74!! Ho Ho Ho!!
To recognize Waste Reduction Week we asked school students within the SLRD to come up with some cool videos to show people what they thought about waste reduction. They did not disappoint! Three classes walked away with $100 in Chapters gift cards to purchase supplies for their class and hopefully these videos can help inspire all students in every school to do their part.

Here is the first in a Series called the Waste Buster Vids to show how cool kids can make cool videos and make a difference!»

Christmas is a time when we all produce ( or choose not to produce ) a lot of waste. New toys leave old toys laying aside not wanted anymore, wrapping paper lines the floor of many houses after presents are unwrapped and turkeys and stuffing leave us all feeling a bit stuffed.

Let's remember this xmas all the things we can do to reduce our impact such as:
1. Not using shiny paper that can not be recycled.
2. Remember to compost all of your food scraps and don't go over board with cooking. If you don't have a  kitchen catcher, use a bucket, or a milk jug or any big container that will fit under your sink somewhere.
3. Check out buy and sell's for items as they are often a great bargain and keeps someone else's waste out of the landfill!
4. Donate old toys to shelters, Christmas hamper programs, etc.
5. Items like books, food, etc. that will be consumed or last a long time are great choices.
6. Most of all, give love as it never goes to waste!

Wishing Everyone a Terrific Holiday!!!

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