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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Can We Help Protect Wildlife by Learning More About Zero Waste?

Ms. Allen’s Grade 4/5/6 class from Brackendale Elementary was excited to participate in a Zero Waste presentation.  After watching a funny mockumentary about plastic bags the class shared stories about their experiences with plastic bags.  It is always amazing how many shocking stories can be told!

After talking about recycling, reducing, reusing and repurposing our garbage, the class had many questions about how our garbage affects the wildlife around Squamish.  The class had recently invited another biologist to come in to talk about the bears living in Squamish.  Having this presentation about recycling and garbage reminded the class about the importance of keeping their household garbage secure and why it is so important to try to reduce the amount of garbage we make.

Like other classes across the SLRD, the students of Ms. Allen’s class decided they wanted to challenge themselves to a Zero Waste Lunch Day and be a part of the SLRD Garbage Free Lunch Challenge.  We will be checking in with them to see how they did in the upcoming weeks.  Good luck!

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