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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Going for Garbage Free?

Ms. Saenger's Grade 5/6 class at Brackendale Elementary School are interested in going garbage free when it comes to lunch time waste.  These students participated in a Zero Waste Workshop yesterday, where they shared some of their "Shocking Waste Stories",  with a particular concern about how our garbage effects wildlife.  "If we don't take care of our garbage, it will become bear food", several students mentioned.  Students talked about how they can reduce the amount of garbage they produce and find ways to reuse things or pass them on to others to reuse, and then to recycle whatever is recyclable and not reusable.  Ms. Saenger's class is going to try to go garbage free and make a big effort to reduce the amount of garbage produced in their lunchtime waste.  Stay tuned to hear what their results will be...
Another concern about garbage that was expressed by Ms Saenger's class was that our local landfill in Squamish is filling up too quickly.  Here is a photo of the Squamish landfill, taken last week.  Students commented that many people are disposing of items that could be reused or recycled and in fact they should not be dumped at the landfill at all.  Thank you for your concerns and hopefully we can keep working with everyone to help them find a way to reduce their waste which will reduce "our waste"!

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