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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Challenging to be Garbage Free...

Ms. DesBrisay's Grade 3 class at Spring Creek Elementary School in Whistler is leading the way for the Earth Day/Pitch-In Week Garbage Free Lunch Challenge.  They have already completed two lunch audits in an effort to reduce their lunchtime garbage.

Here are some words from Ms. DesBrisay:  "Our zero waste lunch went very well.  We tallied up reusables, recyclables, organics and garbage.  We were very pleased that our total reusable containers out numbered our total garbage production.  Our worm compost loves the apple peels from our organics and we only had two recyclable containers because most students are using reusable water bottles. Thanks for inspiring us to keep learning about how to reduce our waste."

Thank you, Ms DesBrisay's Grade 3 Class, for challenging yourselves to be garbage free, or Zero Waste!

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