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Friday, 30 November 2012

Garbage Free Lunch Results are Coming In...

Students who participated in a Zero Waste Workshop this fall also participated in the Regional Garbage Free Lunch Challenge.  The Garbage Free Lunch results are still coming in, but so far we have reductions in waste from the following classes:  Ms. Hain's grade 1 class, Ms. Kubin's grade 4/5 class, Mme. Millen's grade 6 class, Ms. Allen's grade 4/5/6 class, and Ms. Gregory's grade 5 class. Students' lunches were audited on two occasions in order to see if there was a reduction in their lunchtime garbage after putting more thought into what they brought.  Some common areas of improvement included the use of reusable lunch containers, versus disposable options as well as the use of reusable drink containers versus juice boxes.  Congratulations to these classes, they will be entered into a draw to win a free Zero Waste pizza lunch.

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